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I think every artist should have a muse. I have found one I am quite happy with. She does not live far away is a stay at home mom. Available pretty much anytime I want to shoot and has a home large enough to shoot in. What more could I ask, well for starters that she stick around. Unfortunately she is living in Feb. so i will be without her. It is hard to find someone willing to try any pose or style and is so comfortable being in states of undress. Here is one of our latest.I am moving more and more to this artistic style of shooting



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I shot with my favorite muse last night. We tried some different things than our usual

Happy Halloween

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Just wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy time. I thought you might like my with photo

Upcoming shoots.

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Seems my schedule is full for the next few weekends. Next Friday I shoot Shannon again. Then saturday I have a bikini bike shoot with Courtney Jinks. On the 1st I have Becky. I have Miss Ciera on the 8th. and on the 15th I have Ami N and Lindsey. And then on Nov 22 nd I shoot one of the hottest models to ever be in front of a camera, Adrienne Marie

Guerilla style outdoor nudes

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I am not telling anyone to try this, but shoot and scoot outdoor nude shoots can be an adrenaline rush. I took allthe precautions I could. I scouted the location, a very rural country bridge that one end of the road was closed. We drove down and turned around facing back out knowing the road was closed behind us. Shannon was a trooper. We started shooting in the field off the road

It was a wildflower field. should have seen her naked in flip flops.

I thought the graffitti would be interesting

then she turned around and took her bra off.

and finally the Full Monty. Shannon has one of the nicest rears and set of legs I have ever had the pleasure to shoot. I am very fortunate to have her live so close and be a willing muse. I did not get to shoot her tied to the RR tracks, was just too many folks around. Maybe next time.

Outdoor nudes this Saturday

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I am going to something new for me. I will be shooting three models in outdoor artistic nudes. I am shooting a perils of Pauline style with the model tied to some abandoned RR tracks and then tieing another model to the supports of the trustle. Then that afternoon I am shooting Another at and abandoned bridge in a wildflower field. I should have photos Sundy ( if not in jail) 😉

Saturdays shoot

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As I said I had Cailin Beall over to shoot for Thunder Roads magazine. She was accompanied by Jamie Lee. I have shot Jamie before, she was the Oct. issue. We went up to the lake around 5 PM but it was a bad overcast day. I wanted to try my new 580 EXII flashes and my new Radio Poppers. I probably should have waited for the new 8 Channel model but I rarely ever shoo0t when someone else is using them. They worked great allowing me to change the ratio and power out put as the shots changed. I used the flashes on stands with no diffusers, just balancing the ambient.

This one was actually shot in brighter light but I oomphed the power on the flashes.

This photo was also shot outside but since the woods were dark and shaded I moved Jamie out into what available light there was and shot the flash to camera right at 1/4 power and the one above my camera at 1/4 power, both are about 5 feet from her. I then burned in the shadows to create almost a studio look