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I shot with one of my favorite models, last Saturday night. hard to belive she just had a baby three weeks ago. Once again it was all done with a 2 canon 430 EZ flashes and a small Quantaray slave flash. As I have said before you do not need elaborate or expensive lighting, it just makes it easier




Thunder Roads magazine

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I shoot the calendar pages for several issues of Thunder Roads Louisiana.

Here is the August issue. I also have th Oct. issue coming out featuring Miss Jamie Lee and a 1958 harley Servi-car

Rope lights

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I can’t take full credit for the idea, I saw it in an issue of Aftercapture, but the shot setup was my idea. By using High ISO(1600) and a slow shutter speed 1/40 and a wide angle lens I was able to create the shot I was after. So try some off the wall stuff, don’t be a sheep.


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9-11 7 years ago today. Where were you at 7:46 CST. I was working as the maintenance supervisor for a large nursing home. I was walking the hall when a nurse called from one of the rooms that a plane had crashed into the world trade center. We watched the TV there for a few minutes before going to the TV lounge. It was there that I saw the 2nd plane crash and knew the world had changed FOREVER. As a war vet and proud American it sickened me and outraged me.  I remembered a line from one of my favorite movies, Last of the Mohicans, when Cora Monroe says ” I have seen the face of war, but never so on women and children. It was then I knew that this new enemy had no respect for life, or honor. They should be hunted down like animals. We were cursed by the world for our tactics in Viet Nam and accused of being baby killers but this act was dispicable. At least the Japanese targeted a military installation. My Christian beliefs tell me to forgive my enemies, but it does not say I must forget
9-11 Never forget

Dauphin Island shoot canceled

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Due to storm damage the realtor has decided it is unwise to rent the beach house. The shoot will be rescheduled for next spring. Mick will be sending and email to all signed up

Dauphin Island shoot

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Not sure if it is going to come through, seems that Gustav caused the sand the cover the road and some power is out. there is also damage to the beach house stairs. I hope not, but we may have to reschedule Here is a link to the photos and discussion over on Southern Models forum