West Coast choppers

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I just got word that West Coast Choppers(Jesse James) will be stopping by on their way back from Daytona. They will have a tent set up and a truckload of merchandise to sell


Bike rally tv ad

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The TV ad that will air during the superbowl came out on youtube. It stars one of my favorite models. Princezz P

Got bored today

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Was very cold and no photos to edit so I had time to play in photoshop. In this first I combined a photo of emgee with some stock photos of stock exchange. I also used some fairy wing brushesdark_fantasyand this next one I used a stock photo of an old polaroid and an ashtray and added photos of emgee run through Alien skin Exposure 2 the B&W polaroid effect. The table is from Alien skin Eye candy texturespolaroid_collageI guess I have too much time on my hands to read Tutorials. If amyone is interested in the process let me know

New modeling site

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I just created a new modeling site, Gulf Coast Models just for the Southern states of Al. Ar. Ga. Fl. La. Ms. SC Tn. and Tx. I always felt that Americas other coast got overlooked on the big modeling sites. This way at least there is a chance we can work together without having to wade through members from NY and Cali. So if you read this, are a model, photographer, mua, etc and  from one of those states feel free to check it out and join

TV ad shoot

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Well I had 4 models show up, Princezz P, Connie, Barbie and emgee. They were the best looking and most professional there. They started shooting around 11 and finished about 1:30 that afternoonGetting readyWaitinggetting directionsrehearsingfinal takeIt will air locally during the Super Bowl

New modeling site

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I created a new modeling site just for the Gulf coast states of Tx.,La.,Ms., al., and Fl. This way models, MUA’s and photographers from these states can interact and network together. So many times on the other modeling sites the east and west coasts dominate the site. Well now we can have a place of our own. It is free to join

Gulf Coast Modeling

I never quit amazing myself

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Well Portrait Professional 8 never does. I contacted a model off a modeling site. She had recently moved here from another state. Her profile showed her at 110 #’s and gorgeous. Apparently she had gained weight because when she got her she was not what I expected by her photographs. So what was I to do. Use my super powers.

Before and After

Before and After

Now I will not debate the ethicalness(?) of this but I needed her to look like the after and that is what the client expected. There was no time to to get another as this was a last minute deal anyway. The client is happy and that makes me ecstatic. Sometimes good software and knowing how to use it is invaluable.

Sometimes you have to do an extreme makeover. This woman was at the TV ad shoot and she wanted me to fix her teeth and makeher beautiful

Extreme makeover

Extreme makeover